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What NOT to Bring

These items are prohibited at camp

*These items can cause distractions to our programs and are not permitted on the grounds. If any of the listed items are brought to camp, we will not be responsble if they are lost, stolen, or misplaced. These items will be confiscated by Camp Appalachia Staff if found and may not be returned.

  • Cell Phones: are discouraged for campers and not allowed out in dorms and private areas! (Camp Appalachia is not liable for damaged phones at camp)

  • Electronic music players: Ipods, CDs, MP3, etc.

  • Video Cameras, Video Games or Electronic toys

  • Weapons (guns, knives, etc.)

  • Tobacco or Alcoholic Products, vaping devices

  • Roller Blades or Healy’s

  • Skateboards, Scooters, Rollerblades.

  • Squirt Guns

  • Fireworks or any explosives

  • Bikinis or unmodest swimsuits  (modest 2 pieces such as tank-kini’s are permitted, but we want bodies well covered)

* Camp will provide tents, backpacks, cooking utensils, one water bottle, and food.

What to Bring

What to bring

• Change of Clothes
• Swimming Suit
• Mask
• Sun Screen
• Water Bottle
• Bug Spray
• Close Toed Shoes

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